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NEW Supervised Play Sessions Weekly

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Harford Community Centre

Hall Road Norwich NR4 6ET

Directed by Mary Derbyshire

7 PM  -  9 PM

please be seated in good time

about 5-10 mins before

Supervised Play Sessions


all our students and their partners/friends.

Gain confidence 

Expert Bridge Help

always close at hand


     Weekly      Weekly      Weekly      




Large car free  park behind centre at ASDA
Tea & Coffee


Matt's Workshops Autumn 2018

Matt's Workshops Autumn 2018

Learn and Play with the Expert

The Harford Community Centre Hall Road Norwich NR4 6ET

9:15am to 12:15pm.

Cost either £27 each or £150 for six . Tea and coffee provided.

email: if you wish to come

Topics for workshops  Autumn 2018

1. Two-suited overcalls and defending against them :Nov 2nd

  • How strong should I be?
  • Impact of seat and position
  • When is overcalling the opponents’ suit natural?
  • What to do when a 2 suited overcall is made against you

2. Trump promotions in defence  :Nov 9th

  • Ruffing high to promote partner’s cards
  • Refusing to overruff
  • Refusing to ruff to retain trump control
  • Tactics for declarer to avoid trump promotions

3. Defence strategy :Nov16th

  • Counting declarers tricks
  • Forcing the game to either dummy or the closed hand
  • Cashing or waiting for tricks
  • Ducking winners in both suit and NT play

4. Slam bidding – Splinters, cuebids, blackwood  :Nov23rd

  • Importance of partnership discussion
  • Splinters in different situations
  • Cue bidding style and why cue bid at all
  • Various blackwood auctions including keycard/exclusion

5. Bidding tactics  :Nov 30th

  • Opening and overcall on sound or weak hands
  • Balancing and when not to!
  • Partscore competition and the difference between pairs and teams
  • High level decision making

6. I like to play 3NT!  :Dec7th

  • Planning - safety or desperation?
  • Maximising tricks
  • Deceptive carding
  • Enlisting the opponents’ help