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Workshops Spring 2018

Register for Workshops starting January 2018 now!

Spring Workshops 2018

These will be held at the White Horse Inn Trowse 9-40am – 12.40pm


Dates January 22nd 29th, February 19th 26th, March 5th,12th 

Cost £20 each or £110 for 6

1, Defensive signalling

Opening Leads


Discard Signals

When to apply suit preference

2. Card Placing (Declarer Play)

Card placing by counting points

Card placing by inference and assumption

3. Defence to Multi

Meaning of double

Doubling in various seats

Bidding 2NT

Lebensohl Responses

4. Counting (Declarer Play)

Counting shape

Discovery Play

5. Defence to 1NT

2 suited defences

How to bid after partner doubles

6. Defensive Counting

Counting declarer's tricks

Counting declarer's shape

Please apply online or send me an email

Norfolk Congress 2018


Organised by the Norfolk Contract Bridge Association

Friday, Saturday, Sunday 9–11 March 2018

Sponsored by

J M Finn & Co Stockbrokers

First for Bridge

at the Wensum Valley Hotel, Beech Avenue Taverham, Norwich, Norfolk, NR8 6HP 01603 261012

Friday afternoon—Really Easy Congress-- Friday afternoon

Prizes will be awarded

Really Easy Congress On Friday afternoon 9 March: One Session of 18 Boards A really relaxed congress competition for new bridge players (restricted to players with 1000 or less masterpoints)

Congress Officials Chief Tournament Director and Scorer: Gary Conrad Hon Congress Secretary: Maureen Kimbley

The Norfolk Contract Bridge Association is a registered charity Charity No 1171798


NBS Code of Conduct
Norwich Bridge School Code of Practice

Norwich Bridge School Code of Practice

You should

Before class or when you start playing make sure your mobile 'phone is turned off

Maintain consistently high standards of personal appearance

At all times behave in a manner calculated to maximise enjoyment of the game or lesson for yourself, your partner and your opponents

Behave politely and courteously at all times

Consistently show respect towards your partner and your opponents

Consider the safety and welfare of all participants

Give credit when opponents bid, or play, particularly well

Be aware that concentration and pressure of the game may lead to a lowering of personal standards of politeness

 Everyone in the class or playing bridge should know that they can always supply feedback, both supportive and critical, and that we both attend to and welcome such feedback. This is the first way any issues arising from the teaching or playing of bridge should be dealt with.

Read, and comply with, the Norwich Bridge School Terms and Conditions

        You should not

Criticise your partner, opponents or their play

Offer advice unless it is requested

Be rude to your partner, or opponents, at any time

Gloat over good results

Make personal comments about your partner or your opponents

Act in a way calculated to annoy your partner, or your opponents

Use objectionable words or actions to embarrass, or give offence to, other players

Use any inappropriate language

Act in any way which is designed to interfere with the enjoyment of either the teaching or the game

Object to any call for the Director

Immediately, or subsequently, dispute any ruling made by the Director

Bring alcohol into any session of bridge, or attend any session having consumed a quantity of alcohol sufficient adversely to affect your physical condition and/or powers of concentration

Bring any illegal drugs into any session of bridge or attend any session having taken any such drugs.

As in all games that are governed by rules and regulations, bad behaviour will be penalized.

 If a player at the table behaves in an unacceptable manner, the director/tutor should be called immediately.

Annoying behaviour, embarrassing remarks, or any other conduct which might interfere with the enjoyment of the game

is specifically prohibited by the English Bridge Union Law 74A.

Law 91A gives the director the authority to impose disciplinary penalties.