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16th May 2019 11:08 BST
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16th May 2019 11:05 BST
Bridge Etiquette

Please observe the EBU rules of Conduct and Etiquette at all times, especially the parts that say "bridge is an extremely enjoyable game", "make bridge enjoyable for yourself, partner and opponents" and "enjoy the company as well as the game". 

Partner Drive Dates

Chicago bridge is played at the RBL (7pm) 2 Tuesdays every month. The date for the next Partner Drive is shown in the calendar on the right han

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David Hands: Telephone 01425 652239

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April handicap

A first-time win for Glynis White and Nigel Lewis in the latest handicap pairs competition. They emerged with a plus score of 10.25, pipping the winners on the night, Sonia Blandy and Dave Hale who returned 8.86. Congratulations to both pairs.



To all members of The 59 Bridge Club:

As you are all aware, the club has had to look for a new venue after the Royal British Legion's Salisbury branch made known last month their intention of selling the Endless Street property and seek smaller accommodation. The 59 club has played at the RBL for more than twenty years, it has been an extremely convenient location for us but since we cannot be sure how long it will take the sale of the property to go through, the committee decided to examine alternatives.

Fiona Kempson, the secretary, did a great deal of legwork with the aim of keeping the club based as centrally as possible and I am most grateful to her for her efforts. The upshot is that we have agreed to move to the Baptist Church in Brown Street, Salisbury after the final session of this month; therefore the Friday, May 31, session will be the last at the RBL and we will take up residence in Brown Street for the partner drive session of Monday, June 3, and all sessions thereafter.

The church organisers have been most welcoming. They can offer a larger, brighter playing area, with kitchen facilities and toilets all on the ground floor, disabled access, public car parks next door and directly across the street from the church. There will be a small increase in rent but nothing the club cannot sustain for the time being while the committee assesses the impact of the move in the short and medium term. It is the committee's hope that members will enjoy the new amenities and that the translation from one venue to another will be as painless as possible. There will be a church representative available for the first drive and first club evenings to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

You will have noted reference to the drive evening on the Monday. This represents a change to the current programme, in which the drive meet on the first and third TUESDAYS of the month. This change has been made after consultation with all the drive regulars. You will remember the drive was held on Mondays until three years ago, when the RBL told us that Mondays were no longer available and the switch was made to Tuesdays; however it has become clear that the preference of the majority of regulars was for Mondays, hence the change. I hope this will not inconvenience too many members and I'm sorry if other commitments mean some drive regulars will no longer be able to attend.

David Hands

Director: Paul Wright
Steward: Anne Bridle
Director: Georgie Dalton
Steward: Fiona Kempson
Monthly Handicap
Director: Breda Adcock
Steward: Wendy English
Tue 21st May 2019
Partner Drive
Fri 24th May 2019
Monthly Handicap
Director: Terry Hillman
Steward: Sid Adcock
Fri 31st May 2019
Director: Rachel Pickford
Steward: Sonia Blandy