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If you can, please volunteer to be a Host Partner on a Tuesday evening.

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There are lots of teachers available to teach Minibridge in Schools / or to teach youngsters as part of a comprehensive programme for introducing Minibridge and Bridge to school pupils and creating various school bridge clubs. 

If you would like to know how to run Taster Sessions in Schools please contact Douglas

Sports Clubs

Why not provide a venue for Bridge in your club? It's the ideal way to make full use of your existing facilities and increase social membership.

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Roger Routledge
Barbara Hobson Douglas Wright Trevor Hobson
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Rebecca Snelling
Angie Lardner Barbara Tayabali Eddie Briggs Julia Tarento Michele Perry
Polly Youngs Robert Harland Stanley Billiald Stephanie Clarence-Smith
Alan Cumbers Bob Young Jane Nind Jeni Rowe Liz Guy
Monica Whitmore Sharon Hornsby Tilly Peck Tony Love
Graeme Fairley Jane Powell John Paul Kay Garretty Laura Sakalauskaite
Nicky Maxton Pippa Hilbert Richard Bateman Roger Rowe Sheelagh Reynolds
Sheila Fairley
Helen Blackith Jan McIlwraith Judith Wheatley Judy Gaman Marilyn Young
Pamela Fox Rosemary Manfield
Janette Waller Pauline Thomas Simon King
Brenda Rees Carol Barden Charles Bowman John Grondona Patricia Davison
Patricia Paul Sally Ross Ted Wheatley
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