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Annual General Meeting

Our A.G.M. takes place on Monday 10th of June at 7pm .Bridge afterwards.

We must elect a New President this year. Nominations are invited and must reach the Secretary in writing (e-mail acceptable ) on or before June 2nd. Nominations are also invited for all other Committee positions.We would love to see new faces come on to the Committee.

The weekend prior to the A.G.M. is a bank holiday. To facilitate the smooth running of the A.G.M. nomination slips will be available at Bridge on Prize Night Monday May 27th. Any other business - proposals/motions /etc - for inclusion on the agenda must be with the Secretary, Mary Healy, on or before June 2nd.



Welcome to 2012 Club
Prize Night Monday May 27th.

Monday next May 27th is  a Prize Night.

The following Monday is the June Bank Holiday .There won't be Bridge then until June 10th.

A word of appreciation to TD & Asst TD Catherine and Theresa ,(and indeed to all the Committee who helped out too) for the  management of the Presidents Cup Competition.

Dinner and Prizes.

Our annual Presidents Dinner will take place on Wednesday 19th of June in Becketts of Leixlip.

Prizes will be awarded in the lobby / bar before dinner.

We plan to start at 7pm to sit to dinner for 7


Further details early in June, however the subscription will be less than €30.

Meanwhile please note the date,venue and time in your diary.

This is always a most enjoyable night ( no music ).As with all our events the dinner is exclusively for the enjoyment of Club Members only.

Presidents Term

We change President every two years. Nominations for the next 2 year Term are now invited. These must reach the Secretary no later than June 2nd.

The newly elected President and Committee traditionally take office on the first Monday's Bridge after the Presidents Dinner.This year that would be Monday June  24th.

Scorer: Catherine Walsh
Scorer: Catherine Walsh
Scorer: Catherine Walsh